Time is Running Out to File a Claim in the Flint Water Crisis

Three years after the city of Flint, Michigan, turned to the Flint River as its primary water supply, setting into motion a chain of events that has been well-chronicled as the Flint Water Crisis, the legal action stemming from this tragedy may be coming to an end.

In the weeks and months after news of the crisis broke, many lawyers rushed to file actions against officials from the City of Flint and State of Michigan. However, the Wolverine State has a rather strong sovereign immunity law that shields most government employees from liability lawsuits even if they commit gross negligence. As a result, many of these actions faced stiff opposition from defense lawyers and some were even thrown out of court on procedural grounds.

To bypass these hurdles and obtain the most compensation possible in the least amount of time, noted environmental lawyer Paul J. Napoli, and partner Hunter J. Shkolnik, of Napoli Shkolnik, attorneys for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) filed a damage claim against two firms that consulted the city when it switched to Flint River water.

The lawsuit, which was originally filed on behalf of eight victims, quickly attained class action status. Now, according to Mr. Napoli, time is running out. You must be tested for lead in your blood and present that paperwork. If you haven't gotten tested, you can learn more here

“In a nutshell, we are confident that the parties ignored their legal, moral, and ethical duties to the people of Flint, and we are confident that a jury would agree,” says Napoli.

In the recent past, Mr. Napoli has also advocated for over  9/11 injury victims and against the oil companies accused of poisoning Long Island’s groundwater with toxic levels of methyl tertiary butyl ether. He was also instrumental in the multi-billion-dollar Fen-Phen weight loss supplement lawsuit settlement. 

It is imperative that victims reach out to us to obtain their share of the settlement funds. Call our claims hot line at 888-595-0727 or get tested now. 

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Source: Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC